Life Hacks

I bumped recently into 99 life hacks and I’ve found some incredibly useful tips..

So I had a little research and found some more:

50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World

1000 Life Hacks

33 life hacks

Not all are great but if you haven’t seen many life hacks you’ll find some that you’ll keep!

13 Great Free WordPress Themes

Finding a WordPress theme that reflects your personality is very difficult. Take a moment to grab a drink, put on your favorite cd, lean back in your chair…..

That’s better right?

Now take a look at our top 13 WordPress themes, collected from the deepest darkest corners of the net – so now you can stay relaxed as we have done the hard work for you.

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1. Of Few Words

A curious but effective design.

2. Collaboration

Simple and corporate. A neutral choice.

collaboration wordpress theme
3. Heaven

Wonderful artwork that’s sure to impress your visitors.

heaven wordpress theme

13 of the Most Popular Free Programs for the PC

My hard drive is getting pretty full and I was taking a look at the programs that could be uninstalled, especially ones that cost money on a regular basis. I noticed that most of the software used on a daily basis is actually free.

Free software has come a long way, with the open source community and advertising revenue models financing an endless stream of high quality, well developed applications than cost nothing to own.

Here are the 13 programs that its impossible to function without. All are used on a daily basis, some for many years. Try them today and say goodby to the expensive bloatware that is damaging your health.

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1. AVG Free

AVG is a powerful and free Anti Virus Checker made by the folks over at Grisoft. Combining real time protection with email and on demand scanning it does exactly what you expect from a virus scanner.

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a very powerful text editor. It comes with default color code highlighting support for 34 languages including HTML, PHP, C++, Java and more. You can also print from notepad++ retaining the color coding to allow easier offline code revisions.

3. Smart FTP

SmartFTP is a fully featured FTP client that is free for non-commercial use. With over 20 languages, IPv6 and on the fly compression it provides all the features of its paid equivalent for free.

13 tips to wake up easily.

If you can’t wake up easily in the morning, you may find the following 13 tips useful. Whilst you probably already know some of the tips, some other may surprise you. Introduce them slowly to your sleep routine and enjoy maximum rest for the minimum time possible.

1. Arrange to sleep for multiples of 90mins

That’s how much a full cycle of sleep takes. So, prefer to sleep 6hrs even if you can sleep for 6.5hrs. At the end of the 90mins cycle, you can wake up much easier than in the middle of the cycle when you are at the deepest levels of sleep.

2. Change the pillow from your head to under your legs

It may be uncomfortable in the beginning but this works well when you need to maximise your rest with little time available to sleep. As your feet are slightly lifted there is more blood available to the rest of your body and to your head.

3. Do not drink water 1hr prior to going to sleep

Although it’s a good thing to drink plenty of water to clear the toxins of the body, drinking it before sleep causes extra work to the kidneys and decreases the quality of sleeping.

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