13 Great Free WordPress Themes

Finding a WordPress theme that reflects your personality is very difficult. Take a moment to grab a drink, put on your favorite cd, lean back in your chair…..

That’s better right?

Now take a look at our top 13 WordPress themes, collected from the deepest darkest corners of the net – so now you can stay relaxed as we have done the hard work for you.

1. Of Few Words

A curious but effective design.

2. Collaboration

Simple and corporate. A neutral choice.

collaboration wordpress theme
3. Heaven

Wonderful artwork that’s sure to impress your visitors.

heaven wordpress theme
4. Poker

A theme with flaws, but shows how effective neon on black is.

poker wordpress theme
5. Gluttony

Not a good name to describe this template. Would work well as a catalogue or data resource template.

gluttony wordpress template
6. Dark Planet

Awe inspiring.

dark planet free wordpress theme
7. Sad Fish

Who can resist the sad fish? Cute template.

sad fish wordpress template
8. Duct Tape Business Blog

Clever and stylish template.

duct tape business blog wordpress theme
9. FreeStyle

The very best music magazine style blog template.

freestyle wordpress template
10. Pink Love

If you need a girly blog template look no further. Pink as far as the eye can see.

pink love wordpress template
11. Mountains Design

Makes you want to be strapped into you snowboard and not at your computer. Beautiful and inspiring image.

mountain design wordpress theme
12. Car Addict

A nice layout for a car website.

car addict wordpress theme
13. Jello-Wala-Mello

Great for displaying profiles and member information.

jello wala mello wordpress theme

If you want to find more inspiration you will find the following sites very useful:

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