13 tips to wake up easily.

If you can’t wake up easily in the morning, you may find the following 13 tips useful. Whilst you probably already know some of the tips, some other may surprise you. Introduce them slowly to your sleep routine and enjoy maximum rest for the minimum time possible.

1. Arrange to sleep for multiples of 90mins

That’s how much a full cycle of sleep takes. So, prefer to sleep 6hrs even if you can sleep for 6.5hrs. At the end of the 90mins cycle, you can wake up much easier than in the middle of the cycle when you are at the deepest levels of sleep.

2. Change the pillow from your head to under your legs

It may be uncomfortable in the beginning but this works well when you need to maximise your rest with little time available to sleep. As your feet are slightly lifted there is more blood available to the rest of your body and to your head.

3. Do not drink water 1hr prior to going to sleep

Although it’s a good thing to drink plenty of water to clear the toxins of the body, drinking it before sleep causes extra work to the kidneys and decreases the quality of sleeping.

4. Use earplugs to decrease sound levels

Without interfering noises you sleep better and thus you need less sleep. It takes a while to get used to earplugs, but after that they become indispensable.

5. Sleep in complete darkness

The slightest light can interfere with the quality of your sleep. Minimising light is thus very important to achieve better sleep and wake up easier.

6. Learn to meditate so that you can sleep at will

By spending sometime working on meditation techniques you acquire better control of your thought processes and thus you get better at being able to sleep anytime you want. The classic sleep inducing technique of counting 100 sheep jumping a fence has merit. If you can bring yourself counting slowly from 100 to 1 without interfering thoughts (and every time you have an interfering thought you restart)
then you’ll have the ability to sleep whenever you want (or need).

7. Make your last thought before sleeping to be your intention to wake up at a particular time

Use all your imagination to see yourself waking up the exact time you want to. Use sounds, vivid colours, feelings, even imagine the craving for a bit of water in the morning. Make it a little movie that you imagine happens and attach your intent to it. After that, no interfering thoughts, or if there are any, repeat the imagination procedure.

8. Sleep with an empty stomach

Depending on what you had for dinner that may mean anything between 3-6hrs. You should be slightly hungry when going to sleep. Don’t drink alcohol for at least 3hrs before sleep. Alcohol interferes with the quality of sleep by dehydrating the body and overloading many of the organs.

9. Sleep for 20 mins between 2-4pm

20 minutes is just enough to give you energy for the rest of the day. Having mini siestas decreases the amount of rest you need overnight.

10. Plan to give yourself a reward for getting out of bed

Ensure you have something to look forward to when you wake up. If the problem of waking up is too hard to solve, plan for a good reward to push you out of bed.

11. Eat a small breakfast

Start by drinking a glass of warm water with honey and lemon. If your body feels hungry eat natural foods like fruits, nuts, yogurt and fruit juices. Do not overload yourself with a big fatty breakfast because you will feel like going straight back to bed.

12. Use light & music for your alarm

A radio works better than an alarm because it’s sound is unpredictable. The latest alarms use light that approximates the sun’s light spectrum to naturally light the room. These devices are expensive but an easy substitute would be to use a bright light and a simple timer set to the same time as the alarm (or the radio).

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